Stanley F. Quayle:  Online Since 1987

Here's the registration of node "bcd_dyn".  The system connected to The Ohio State University for email every 2 hours, and nightly during the week to DCSC (Defense Construction Supply Center) for the "comp." USENET newsgroups.  The modem was a "fast" 1200-baud unit.
Newsgroups: news.newsites
From: sfq@bcd_dyn.UUCP (sfq)
Date: Wed, 7-Oct-87 10:45:43 EDT
Local: Wed,Oct 7 1987 10:45 am
Subject: bcd_dyn on-line

#N bcd_dyn
#S Masscomp MC-5500; RTU 3.0
#O Battelle Columbus Division, Columbus, OH
#C Stanley F. Quayle, Mike D. Kurre
#E bcd_dyn!news, bcd_dyn!uucpadm, bcd_dyn!sfq, bcd_dyn!mdk
#T +1 614 424 4052, +1 614 424 4519
#P 505 King Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201
#L 39 59 52 N / 083 01 13 W
#R Usernames "news" and "uucpadm" routed to "sfq".
#U dsacg1 osu-cis
#W bcd_dyn!sfq (Stanley F. Quayle); Mon Oct 05 15:43:00 EDT 1987
bcd_dyn dsacg1(EVENING/5), osu-cis(HOURLY*2)
When someone says they've been on the Internet for a "long time", ask them to document it!

Prior to this, two family members and I founded Quayle Research, Inc.  I developed the UNDER-C(tm) Library, and advertised it using the FidoNews system of BBS's.

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