Quayle Consulting Inc. Equipment List

At Quayle Consulting Inc., we have the following equipment available for projects. Sorry, these items are not for sale.

Alpha Systems

  • Digital Personal Workstation 500au, 1.28 GB RAM, one 16 GB disk, one 2 GB disk, one 40 GB disk, one 137 GB disk, with OpenVMS 7.3-2

Itanium Systems

  • HP Integrity Server rx2600, dual-processor 1.5 GHz, with OpenVMS 8.3.

VAX Systems

  • VAXstation 4000/90A, 104 MB RAM, TZK10 tape drive, with OpenVMS 7.3
  • VAXstation 4000/60, 40 MB RAM, BA-353 StorageWorks rack, VMS 5.5-2 through 7.3

PC Systems

  • Toshiba Tecra M5 laptop, with Windows XP and CentOS Linux.
  • Dell XPS400, running CentOS Linux.

Other DEC Items

  • Exabyte 8505 tape drive. Can read 8mm tapes, such as the Sony QG-112M.
  • Six TZ87-TA tape drives. Can read TK50, TK70, and DLT-3 tapes.
  • All VAX Consolidated Distribution CD's from 1987 to present. All Alpha Consolidated Distriution CD's from 2001 to present. Available for immediate use.
  • VT420 CRT
  • DEChub 90 components: hubs, terminal servers, and bridges.

Test/Development Equipment

  • BP Microsystems EP-1140 EPROM programmer