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OpenVMS Utilities

Zmodem Send and Receive

[OpenVMS: VAX/Alpha]
The download is a VMS-format ZIP file.
Usage Notes

Define "sz" and "rz" as foreign symbols. If you don't know how to do that, please email me.

Enter the command "sz" without arguments to display a list of options. "rz" and "sz" have the same options.

Writing VMS-format CDs

Burn ODS-2 CDs. Doesn't require a CD burner on the VMS system.

Connector and Cable Information

All (documentation)
Details regarding various serial and network connectors and cables (DB-9, DB-25, MMJ, RJ-45, etc.) used on VMS systems, Cisco routers, serial, 10Base-T, FDDI over copper (CDDI), DECservers, Flowpoint routers, and more!

Fix file attributes of VMS BACKUP savesets

OpenVMS (all hardware platforms
The command procedure below sets the RMS file attributes of a file to those expected for a VMS BACKUP saveset. If you FTP a BACKUP saveset, the file attributes will be mangled.  If you use ASCII transfer, all is lost.  But, if you use Binary transfer, the attributes can be fixed by this procedure.
Usage Notes
This procedure does not work on VAX/VMS versions 5.5 and prior because it uses the SET FILE/ATTRIBUTES command.

$! P1  is the specification of the BACKUP saveset
$! This procedure resets the record format and record
$! length attributes of a BACKUP saveset -- savesets
$! can get "broken" during certain sorts of file
$! transfers -- such as FTP.  This procedure reads the
$! (undocumented) saveset record attributes directly
$! out of the target file.
$! First render the saveset readable, and implicitly
$! check that the file exists.
$ Set File -
    /Attributes=(RFM:FIX,MRS:512,LRL=512,ORG=SEQ,RAT=NONE) -
$ Open/Error=whoops/Read BckSaveset 'p1'
$ Read/Error=whoops/End=whoops BckSaveset Record
$ Close/Nolog BckSaveset
$! Find the blocksize from within the record...
$ BlockSize = 0
$ BBH_L_BLOCKSIZE = %x28*8
$ BlockSize = F$CVUI(BBH_L_BLOCKSIZE, 32, Record)
$ If BlockSize .lt. 2048 .or. BlockSize .gt. 65535
$ Then
$   Write sys$output "Unexpected block size"
$   Goto whoops
$ Else
$   Set File /Attributes=(RFM:FIX,LRL='BlockSize', -
       MRS='BlockSize',RAT=none) -
$ endif
$ exit
$ Write sys$output "Error"
$ exit

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