OpenVMS and Virtual Systems

Whether you call it VMS, OpenVMS, or VAX/VMS, this operating system is still in use for critical business operations by many companies – large and small.

These facts mean that your investment in software and licenses needs to be protected!  All hardware will fail, it's just a question of when.  By creating a virtual system, you can keep moving forward to the latest hardware and not have to change a thing.  And that new hardware means that your virtual system will keep getting faster as the newest hardware keeps getting faster.

The Charon-VAX and Charon-AXP products run VMS, creating the virtual system you need.

Both of these products pass the hardware test suites to verify that they're a real VAX or Alpha.  Some other things you need:

  • DEC/Compaq/HP software licenses can be transferred to the emulated system -- your license investment is protected.
  • HP OpenVMS software support is available when running on HP hardware.
  • Oracle RDB licenses can be transferred to the emulated system. Oracle does all its VAX development with Charon-VAX! (PowerPoint)
  • Q-bus hardware can be directly supported, or completely replaced.
  • Many licenses from companies that are no longer in existence can be migrated with QCI's System Identification Change product.

The Charon products successfully run the VMS version of these products:

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