New Alpha Emulation Solution Will Keep Your Existing Systems And Software Running Flawlessly... On Newer, Faster, And More Affordable Hardware!

Achieve Peak Performance And Reliability, Without Touching Even A Single Line of Code... AND SLASH Up To 90% Of Your Annual Maintenance Cost Overnight.


As one of a handful of authorized CHARON-AXP resellers positioned around the globe, Quayle Consulting Inc. offers full CHARON-AXP integration services.

CHARON-AXP maintains software integrity, operating processes and protects your original investment in the Alpha environment.

This Alpha Emulation solution will allow your company to continue running OpenVMS and Tru64 Alpha operating system based software and applications... on new, modern hardware.

Using CHARON-AXP will give your company a more reliable and more affordable solution without reprogramming or re-coding.

This Alpha Emulation solution is ideal for companies who want, or need, to keep

  • SOX Required Documents
  • Records Archives
  • Custom Applications, and 3rd Party Software... too costly to update or replace!
  • Existing FDA, FAA, Military and Government Validated systems in place.

Or, companies who have working systems deployed and don't want to incur the cost of replacement and retraining.

With a CHARON-AXP system in place, you'll breath easy - knowing your critical systems on running new, reliable hardware.

And, that's not to mention the other immediate benefits of Aplha Emulation, such as:

  • Reduced Downtime Risk... as your hardware will be brand new!
  • Your systems can become Portable... even running on a common Laptop!
  • Instant Reduction in Power Consumption and Air Conditioning requirements!
  • More valuable space available in your Data Center!
  • A Significant Savings in Hardware Maintenance Cost... up to 90% in some cases!
  • A More Reliable Disaster Recovery Strategy... that doesn't involve buying refurbished systems or pieces off eBay!
  • The Ability to quickly and easily add another environment, such as development... without buying used equipment!
  • You'll finally be able to tell management, "We run on Windows Now!" - and they'll get it!

In other words...

With a Alpha Emulation System in Place - You Get ALL the Benefits Your Current System Delivers... Without all the Hardware Hassles and Headaches.

And, if that wasn't enough...

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider Alpha Emulation for your company:

  • Operating system flexibility... including Microsoft Windows!
  • Your new system will be Certified by HP as a real AlphaServer.
  • Quayle Consulting Inc. can quickly perform installation, configuration, and migration... on a turn-key basis!
  • Your new system will be eligible for Annual support contracts and periodic product updates!
  • You can transfer your existing DEC, Compaq, or HP software licenses to your new system... and protect your investment!
  • If you choose HP hardware, you can get HP OpenVMS software support!
  • Oracle RDB licenses can be transferred to the emulated system... for FREE in most cases!
  • We can boost your system performance... making it up to 4 times faster.
  • And, there are many more!

Plus, Quayle Consulting can provide Alpha Emulation services:

  • At your location
  • Via dial-in modem
  • Or, through the the Internet using VPN technology

Regardless of your needs, Quayle Consulting has the expertise and experience to keeping your most critical system up and running now, and well into the future.

More importantly, our services are available on a per-call, per-project, or retainer basis - so we can help keep your keep your system and your budget in check!

Plus, all of our services are provided by HP Certified OpenVMS System Engineers and RedHat Certified Engineers.

Let us help you design and develop a faster, more reliable system - using Alpha Emulation TODAY!