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From the VMS FAQ:

What is the difference between VMS and OpenVMS?

VMS and OpenVMS are two names for the same operating system. Originally, the operating system was called VAX-11/VMS; it changed to VAX/VMS at around VAX/VMS V2.0. When the VMS operating system was ported to the Alpha platform, it was renamed OpenVMS, for both VAX and Alpha (and for the Itanium Processor Family), in part to signify the high degree of support for industry standards such as POSIX, which provides many features of UNIX systems.

People in the field just call it "VMS".  Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) developed VMS.  DEC was bought by Compaq, which in turn was bought by Hewlett-Packard.  So, HP now owns VMS.

See the 20th,  25th, and 30th anniversary celebrations of VMS at the HP web site.

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I suggest the following:
Of course, Quayle Consulting Inc. is available, too!

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