The UNDER-C Library

The UNDER-C(tm) Library was developed in 1984-1987 by Quayle Research, Inc.  It was advertised in several issues of the FIDONET BBS system. The library provided access to BIOS and DOS functions not provided by normal means.  It also included program PFS2TXT, which translates pfs:Write and IBM Writing Assistant files to text format.

The experience with Quayle Research, Inc. was a good introduction to programming, consulting, and running a business.  This experience has been useful in my current company, Quayle Consulting Inc.
    Fidonews                     Page 19                  12 Jan 1987

Stanley Quayle
Fido 126/1

The UNDER-C(tm) Library

Due to business volume, Quayle Research, Inc. has reduced the
price of its UNDER-C Library from $95 to $39.95.

The UNDER-C Library is a collection of functions and utilities
callable from C and other languages. It has 122 BIOS, DOS, and
other functions, including functions to build screens similiar
to dBase.

Also included are utilities such as MAKE; CPRINT, a
general-purpose printing program; and PFS2TXT, which translates
pfs:Write and IBM Writing Assistant files to text format.

Complete SOURCE CODE -- No royalities -- Not copy-protected.

Includes 200-page manual and five 5-1/4" floppy disks.

The UNDER-C Library works with IBM PC-compatibles using the
following C compilers:

Microsoft C, version 4.0
Lattice C, versions 3.10 and 2.15
Computer Innovations C86
DeSmet C

Send $39.95 to: Quayle Research, Inc.
6548 Edgerton Road
N. Royalton, OH 44133

Ohio residents please include 6-1/2% sales tax.

For more information, contact Myrna Quayle on 157/502, or
Stanley Quayle on 126/1, or call (614) 276-6557.

UNDER-C is a trademark of Quayle Research, Inc.

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