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Stanley F. Quayle

8572 N Spring Ct.
Pickerington, OH  43147
(614) 868-1363
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Quayle Consulting Inc., 1992-present. President. Clients have included:

[Various], 2000-present. Helping clients virtualize VAX systems using Stromasys’ CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP products, including server consolidation and application migration.  Providing system administration, network design, planning, and data migration services for OpenVMS systems (on VAX, Alpha, Itanium platforms), Unix systems and Linux systems. Developed and conducted training classes for clients and prospects on installing and using CHARON-VAX.  Developed and delivered CHARON-VAX seminars to technical audiences, including HP World.

CRISP Automation Systems, 1993-present. Supporting and adding enhancements to the CRISP/32 product line, using C, Basic, Fortran, and VAX MACRO.  Migrated VAX/VMS products to Alpha OpenVMS.  Supporting all products under both VAX/VMS and Alpha OpenVMS.  Planning for Itanium version of OpenVMS.  Added UDP/IP messaging to a factory-automation product.  Wrote a serial data protocol interfacing with a programmable controller. Traveled to Korea to educate customer’s engineers about the CRISP/32 product.  Extensive experience in C programming.

Salem Automation, 1998-present. Supporting Salem’s clients who use the CRISP/32 product. Supporting Salem’s implementation of the CHARON-VAX product for its clients.  Custom software development in C, including factory-automation protocols.  Created IP-based implementation of EtherNet/IP in C on VMS.

Mueller Smith & Okuley LLC, 1995-2010.  Evaluated control devices for possible infringement with client's patents. As an expert witness, gave testimony in court as to how other companies’ products infringed client’s patents. Reverse-engineered software on cable testing devices.

Northrop-Grumman, 2003-2004.  Developed C++ software to translate Tru64 Unix applications to run on other platforms, including Linux on Itanium, HP-UX on Itanium, and Linux on PowerPC 970.  Designed software architecture using UML with Rational’s RequisitePro and Rational Rose products, including tracing design elements to product requirements.  Did shell script and makefile programming.  Extensive experience in C++ programming.

CheckFree Corporation, 1995-2003. Enhanced and maintained an Alpha OpenVMS money-transfer application in a 7x24 production transaction-processing environment. Responsible for integrity in data transfer between VMS, Unix, and IBM mainframe systems.  Project management, including setting schedule and budget.  Supervised team of four people.  Moved team from employees to outsourced contractors.  System administrator for two OpenVMS Alpha clusters. Oracle RDB database administrator for OpenVMS systems. Migrated application to HP-UX and Linux using C++. Planned and implemented a Business Resumption site in Columbus, Ohio to back up the production site in Atlanta, Georgia.  Implemented high-performance communications protocols for VMS-based server processes. Extensive experience with DCL programming and shell script programming.  Extensive experience in C programming.

[Name withheld], 2003.  Evaluated client’s data centers to identify opportunities for upgrades.  Evaluated consolidation of client’s data centers.

Bricker and Eckler, 2003-2004.  Evaluated devices for possible infringement with client's patents, and created reports for use in future litigation.

Scriptel Corporation, 1993-1997. Developed a palmtop computer with pen input. Set schedule and budget, selected components of product, developed drivers and user interface, hired and supervised product development team. Advised Scriptel on hardware and software issues in joint venture with Xetron Corporation (a division of Westinghouse). In conjunction with Annasoft, created a new version of the graphical user interface known as DOS Buttons, written in C++.

Salient Systems, 1992-1993. Trained two staff members about real-time software design. Completely restructured product software for the OS-9 multi-tasking environment; added functionality.

Square D CRISP Automation Systems, 1988-1992. Senior Software Engineer. Responsible for developing and supporting real-time control system products used for automating customer's systems.

Designed and implemented a communications software product to transfer information between VMS systems. Assisted four engineers in using the product, as well as several customers. This product became part of the core of CRISP/32's product set.

Designed and developed applications using X Windows and Motif.

Designed and implemented a communications protocol for PC's and VAX's that works over Ethernet. Used HP 4972A LAN Analyzer to test the protocol. Designed and developed a database server on VMS in C to use that protocol.

Modified Motorola MC68000 controller firmware with MTOS to use Ethernet communications. Developed VMS C-code to communicate with the MC68000 controller.

Administered HP-UX Unix system, especially its network connections. Set up NFS client capability to access disks mounted on VMS systems.

Established and maintained connection with the Internet. Set up communications with other Square D installations for exchange of electronic mail and file transfers.

Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio, 1982-1988. Researcher. Responsible for planning and performing laboratory and field experiments on materials and automated systems. Designed and developed software for systems modeling and data analysis.

Developed an automated test system that used HP-IB to control several instruments.

Set-up and used a 14-channel instrumentation tape recorder for a series of experiments, and then wrote procedures to improve the reliability of data recorded in future experiments.

Maintained and improved a Fortran-77 program to model severe accidents in nuclear reactor systems known as the MARCH code. Work was performed on CDC NOS, IBM, and VAX/VMS systems.

Designed a program for sale to users of PC systems to analyze fracture mechanics data.

Designed a Fortran program to model the behavior of radioactive waste containers in long-term storage.

Guided other section staff in using PC's, and recommended system configurations for specific uses.

Advanced Robotics Corporation, Hebron, Ohio, 1982. Supported and developed software on PDP-11 computers in MACRO-11 assembler for the control of robot welding machines. Prepared for the translation of the control software from MACRO-11 to Whitesmith's C.

The Fairfield Engineering Company, Marion, Ohio, 1980-1982. Systems Engineer. Designed, implemented, and supported controllers for materials-handling systems in laboratory, factory, and field environments.  Designed and implemented factory control systems using PDP-11 systems using RSX-11/M and RT-11.

Scriptel Corporation, Columbus, Ohio, 1980-1982. Founder, Vice President, and Director. Participated in decisions in all aspects of company as it became a public corporation. Responsible for product design and development, both analog and digital.

Invented a transparent digitizer using resistive-sheet technology.

Reduced the required analog circuitry of the transparent digitizer by a factor of 4.

Received 2 US patents on technologies developed.

Eliminated analog circuitry by using microcomputers to perform arithmetic. Wrote the software for prototypes based on Motorola 6800 and Intel 8085. Interfaced the analog circuitry to the microcomputers.


The Ohio State University, M.S., Nuclear Engineering.  Thesis:  “ style="color: black;">A PLATO Computer Based Education System For Training Nuclear Reactor Operators

The Ohio State University, M.S., Computer and Information Science.

The Ohio State University, B.S., Engineering Physics.

Professional Education:

Red Hat RH300 RHCE Rapid Track Course

OpenVMS-Clusters (DECUS Seminar 102/M36)

OpenVMS-New Technologies (DECUS Seminar 202/M51)

RISP/32 User Programming

Measurement Systems Engineering and Dynamics

Applying ABT Workbench Suite 5

JCC Consulting's Rdb Internals, Query Tuning, and Locking

POSIX Programming in C

Structured Analysis & Design Using DECdesign

VMS Internals I: Mechanisms and Overview



Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), certificate number 808002418807112

Professional Engineer, Stat of Ohio .

HP Certified Professional OpenVMS v7 System Engineer, certification number 0001667504

HP Certified Professional Tru64 UNIX v5 System Administrator, certification number 0001667504

CompTIA Server+ Certified Professional, certification number COMP10589115

CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional, certification number COMP10589115

FCC Extra amateur radio license. Callsign: N8SQ.

FCC General radiotelephone license with ship radar endorsement.

U.S. Patents 4,456,787 and 4,523,654.

Inactive clearances:  U.S Department of Defense (DOD) Secret, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) "Q", and other.   US Citizen.

FAA Commercial pilot license, airplane single-engine land and glider.  Certified ground instructor, basic and instrument.

Member of Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Pi Sigma honor societies.



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Manahan, M.P., Quayle, S.F., Rosenfield, A.R., Shetty, D.K., "Statistical Analysis of Cleavage-Fracture Data", invited paper, presented at the International Conference and Exhibition on Fatigue, Corrosion Cracking, Fracture Mechanics, and Failure Analysis, Salt Lake City (December 2-6, 1985), to be published in conference proceedings.

Wooton, R.O., Cybulskis, P., and Quayle, S.F., "MARCH2 Code Description and User's Manual", NUREG/CR-3988, report to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (September, 1984).

Quayle, Stanley F., “">A PLATO Computer Based Education System For Training Nuclear Reactor Operators”, Master of Science thesis, The Ohio State University, 1980.