DOS Buttons

DOS Buttons can be used in embedded systems to provide light-weight menu and "window" functions under DOS.

Product features:

  • The source of every example program is included in the DOS Buttons distribution.
  • The DOS Buttons code is written in C++, and is under the complete control of the developer.
  • Applications can be developed on Windows systems, and then run on DOS or Windows.
  • Supports Turbo C++ and Microsoft C++.

Quayle Consulting Inc. provides support for developers using DOS Buttons. Look for ISBN 092939223X for the book. A software disk is available from Quayle Consulting.

DOS Buttons was used in NASA's "Biotube" experiment, and flew in space in 2003 on STS-107!  A sample DOS Buttons display from Biotube:

Space Shuttle Biotube

Displays from DOS Buttons applications and tools:

For more information about DOS Buttons or to purchase the software, please contact Quayle Consulting.