MASS-11 Software

MASS-11 was a word-processing package for VAX systems running VMS. I have a CHARON-VAX customer that has lots of files in MASS-11, and so I researched how to convert them to something more modern (Microsoft Word?).

Microsystems, the people who developed MASS-11, still exist. They only do conversions now, but here’s their information in case someone’s interested in going that way…

377 East Butterfield Road
Suite 910
Lombard, IL 60148

Their web site ( is sometimes slow to load, but the phone number works.

[Adapted from a comp.os.vms posting of March 2006]

New version: CHARON-VAX/XM, XK, and XL

This note refers to supported CHARON-VAX licenses for the following products.

CHARON-VAX/XM for Windows
CHARON-VAX/XM Plus for Windows
CHARON-VAX/XK Plus for Windows
CHARON-VAX/XL for Windows
CHARON-VAX/XL Plus for Windows

Version 3.2.64 is now shipping as the production version for all of the above products and all supported customers should upgrade to this release at the first appropriate opportunity. Please read the release notes for the details of the changes applied with this release.

Contact Quayle Consulting for the release notes, the new product and an update for your license key.

The upgrade process is as follows (more detail at the QCI website):

  1. Close down VMS and exit from CHARON
  2. Save all personalized files (configuration files and disk images plus HARON parameters such as .dat and .log files) stored in the CHARON-VAX nstallation area.
  3. Uninstall CHARON-VAX using the “Add or Remove Programs” entry in the Windows Control Panel.
  4. Remove the SRI Packet driver (NDIS 5) from the assigned network adapter(s).
  5. Re-boot the host PC
  6. Only now apply the latest CHARON-VAX license key update.
  7. Install the new CHARON-VAX kit.
  8. Add the SRI Packet driver (NDIS 5) from the new kit to the Network adapters assigned to CHARON.
  9. Re-boot the host PC.
  10. Restore the files saved at step 2
  11. Restart CHARON and boot VMS.