“Big Bang Theory” show is right — visiting CERN is a big deal!

My wife and I watch the “Big Bang Theory” show on CBS. I get all the physics jokes, and Di can feel that a nerd like me could be even worse (like Sheldon).

In the particular episode, Leonard earns an opportunity to visit CERN’s LHC (Large Hadron Collider) here in Geneva. He decides to take his girlfriend, Penny, but Sheldon invokes a clause in their “roommate agreement” that requires Leonard to take Sheldon. The end result is that both Penny and Sheldon come down with the flu, so Leonard takes Rajesh. But Leonard forgets to cancel the “romantic” suite.

My opportunity to visit CERN was a little less dramatic. I’m here on a business trip, and today was a free day. I set up a visit when I learned that I’d be available while here.

I didn’t get to see the LHC in person — they are getting ready to run again, which takes several months of preparation, so only essential personnel are allowed down in the tunnel. My Physics degree doesn’t carry any clout, it seems.

But I did have a good time. Some of the tour group were totally lost, but a few had some good questions. The tour guide was fine, although he was stumped by some of our questions. We saw one of the control rooms, conveniently glassed-off so we visitors can’t disturb the researchers. I wonder what it’s like to work in a glass bowl with new groups coming by every hour or two?

It was interesting to hear the discussion about the Higgs Boson — which is a recurring theme on Numb3rs, which we also watch…

Author: Stan

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