Office update: Moving furniture

The office is shaping up!  The carpet was installed on Monday.

All the servers have been installed in the equipment rack, and the network ports were wired up.  Out of 48 ports, we’re shy just ONE.  I’ll install a 10/100 switch for the VAX computers.  They’re only 10 Mbit/sec anyway.

We’ve moved the furniture into the office space.  Rather than keep the old desk (about 20 years old), we ran out yesterday and bought a new one.  It should be arriving this morning.

Based on the desk location, we can then install the shelf units and filing cabinets.  We should then be DONE.

Author: Stan

I was born in Ohio, and have lived most of my life here. I was into technology from an early age: math, chemistry, physics, electronics, amateur radio, flying, scuba diving. My business is an extension of my techological interests. I love what I do.

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