Twenty Four Years and Counting

On September 16, 1992, my employer downsized, and gave me 5 months of pay to leave. My oldest son, Zachary, turned one-year-old two days later. I founded Quayle Consulting, and was able to spend his birthday with him.

There have been good times and bad times. About 15 years ago, business was so slow that I put myself on unemployment!

I’ve learned the business side of consulting bit by bit. They don’t teach any of this stuff in engineering school. But without it, you’ll starve.

To my customers, I say Thank You! To my vendors, including Stromasys, it’s been a pleasure working with you.

Most of all, I thank my family for their support. Whether on travel, or working long days, they’ve always been behind me. Your love and support makes this all possible.

Author: Stan

I was born in Ohio, and have lived most of my life here. I was into technology from an early age: math, chemistry, physics, electronics, amateur radio, flying, scuba diving. My business is an extension of my techological interests. I love what I do.

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