Hello from New Hampshire — Birthplace of VMS

Hello from Nashua NH. This week is the OpenVMS Advanced Technical Bootcamp. We started at 7:45 AM this morning, and went until 9:15 this evening.

The Bootcamp is held in Nashua because that was where VMS was originally developed. Unfortunately, Hewlett Packard canned the entire VMS development team a couple of years ago and moved development to India. *sigh*

I directed a session titled “Risk vs. Benefits of VAX/Alpha Emulation”. I’ll be doing it again Thursday afternoon. Here’s a link in case you can’t drop by and see it in person…

Author: Stan

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  1. I received this correction from Andy Goldstein, who was present at the birth of VMS up through development of the latest version, V8.4:

    VMS development started in the mill, in Maynard, MA, in 1975. All development of both the VAX-11/780 and VMS V1.0 happened in the mill. VMS was moved to Tewksbury in fall, 1978 right after V1.0 shipped. Spit Brook (Nashua) was built in 1980 and VMS moved there in the fall of 1980 after VMS V2.0 shipped.

    – Andy

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