CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP supported on VMware

The CHARON product line is now supported in VMware on top of a Windows instance. Versions supported are:

  • CHARON-VAX version 3.4 build 110 and later
  • CHARON-AXP/4100/DS/ES/GS version 2.3 Build 108 and later
  • CHARON-AXP/SMA and CHARON-AXP/SMA Plus version 2.1.26 and later

There are some requirements:

  • The CHARON virtual machine should have exclusive access to the CHARON USB license dongle. It could be achieved with a third party product, for example:
  • The CHARON virtual machine should meet standard CHARON hardware requirements in terms of Windows OS version and patch level, CPU, RAM, storage, etc.
  • On any physical server hosting a CHARON virtual machine, the total number of VMware vCPUs allocated to all active Virtual Machines should not exceed the number of host physical CPU cores. The same requirement is applicable to RAM: total vRAM allocated to active VMs must not exceed total host RAM.

Some product features are not supported:

  • The Pass Through mode in CHARON-AXP/SMA and CHARON-AXP/SMA Plus
  • Direct device access

Please note that the supported CHARON-VAX version requires a HASP dongle. The older Hardlock dongle can be swapped at no charge for customers under support.

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