MASS-11 Software

MASS-11 was a word-processing package for VAX systems running VMS. I have a CHARON-VAX customer that has lots of files in MASS-11, and so I researched how to convert them to something more modern (Microsoft Word?).

Microsystems, the people who developed MASS-11, still exist. They only do conversions now, but here’s their information in case someone’s interested in going that way…

377 East Butterfield Road
Suite 910
Lombard, IL 60148

Their web site ( is sometimes slow to load, but the phone number works.

[Adapted from a comp.os.vms posting of March 2006]

Author: Stan

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2 thoughts on “MASS-11 Software”

  1. “They only do conversions now”

    Actually Microsystems does very little conversion business. Our primary business is our document quality control (DocXtools) and document creation (D3) software. I know this is an older post, but this was true in June 2007 as well.

  2. I’d didn’t mean to imply that your company was dead, just that your focus is not MASS-11 anymore. Glad to see that someone’s reading my blog!

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