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Stromasys Application Notes

The latest CHARON application notes can be found here.

These are old application notes and manuals, most of which are obsolete.

AppNote Title
Utilities and Interconnects Utilities and Interconnects
CHAPI Manual Application Programming Interface for Qbus peripheral emulation in Windows
AN-001 Using KERMIT to exchange files with CHARON-VAX
AN-003 Connecting CHARON-VAX to a host application
AN-004 Using real disks with CHARON-VAX under WNT & W2000
AN-005 Using VAX CD’s and floppy disks on OpenVMS/Alpha hosts
AN-006 Sharing disk container files with other VMS systems
AN-007 Use MGPCX to access DOS floppies in CHARON-VAX
AN-008 Using ZIP/UNZIP utilities to retain file attributes on VMS
AN-009 An example of using VDDRIVER
AN-012 Running XWindows/Motif Applications on CHARON-VAX
AN-013 Serial line & LAT terminal performance in CHARON-VAX
AN-014 Accessing SCSI & IDE disk drives with CHARON-VAX
AN-016 Running NetBSD 1.5 on CHARON-VAX
AN-018 Ethernet adapters in CHARON-VAX
AN-019 CHARON-VAX & Alpha/OpenVMS host cluster configuration
AN-020 Tape support in CHARON-VAX
AN-021 Multi-volume VMS tape backup using MTD
AN-022 Building VMS disk cluster systems with CHARON-VAX
AN-024 Transfer files to CHARON-VAX/AXP virtual SCSI disks
AN-025 The VAX/VMS licensing structure
AN-026 VAX system performance chart
AN-027 Using CHARON-VAX on single CPU Windows systems
AN-028 Avoiding CHARON disk timeout messages in Windows/XP
AN-029 Recommendations Regarding Security of CHARON-VAX Host Platforms
AN-030 Using terminal emulators with CHARON-VAX
AN-032 Configuring devices on the Qbus of a VAX or CHARON-VAX
AN-033 Required Windows Standard Services
AN-035 CHARON-VAX network adapter security
AN-036 Testing various Shared Disk VAX-cluster
AN-037 CHARON-VAX as an automatic Service; dependencies and restrictions
AN-038 Replacing legacy removable storage with CHARON-VAX
AN-039 Remote Management of CHARON-VAX
AN-040 CHARON-VAX clustering using the Open-e iSCSI target
AN-041 CHARON-VAX applying Windows Patches
AN-042 Tape devices usage in CHARON-VAX
AN-044 Migrating systems with local DECWINDOWS display to CHARON-VAX
AN-045 DSSI emulation in CHARON-VAX/XM/XK/XL for Windows
AN-046 CD-ROM drives usage in CHARON-VAX

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